Daily Care at Grove Park Home

Operating 24/7 Grove Park Home provides a full range of secure and supervised health services for the residents in our Home. Almost everything needed for care is included in monthly accommodation charges. Under the guidance of the Director of Care, services are provided by Registered Staff and Personal Support Workers. The Home also has an on-site Physician and Nurse Practitioner.

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Nursing Care

Nursing Services

Medication is administered by Registered Staff as directed by the physician. Bathing and basic toiletries, medical supplies and devices, as well as continence care products, are all included in the monthly accommodation fee. Rehabilitation and physiotherapy services are provided as needed. For more information about included services, read our Corporate Brochure.


End of Life Care

Our Home has a compassionate Palliative Care Team of staff and volunteers. With kindness and understanding, they comfort families during this emotional process by providing residents with relief from symptoms, pain, physical and mental stress. Overnight visits are permitted and care items are offered by the Palliative Care Team.

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Nurse Practitioner

Physicians/Nurse Practitioners

Medical Professionals

Grove Park Home has an on-site physician who cares for most residents. Together with an on-site Nurse Practitioner, they diagnose, assess, prescribe medications, make referrals and communicate with families. Some specialists in the area offer video conferencing via the Ontario Telemedicine Network to avoid unnecessary resident transfers to medical appointments.

Resident Services

Community Care Providers

Some care services are not offered by Home staff. Services such as foot care, massage services, hearing and eye care, are examples of services that would incur additional charges. These services can be brought into the Home as a convenience to families and residents.

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Don’t take our word for it

Here’s what people say about us

Once retired, I answered a newspaper ad for volunteers at Grove Park Home. Five years later I am still here. I have enjoyed friendly visits, outings, and working in the café. While I enjoy the hours that I spend here, what I find very special is how staff know all the residents by name and always stop to say hello; it is a very personal touch. Volunteering at this Home is very rewarding for me, especially if it makes a difference to the residents and staff. Noella G.


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