From the initial proposal to designation ceremony the 3 years Best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO) designation has finally been achieved and Grove Park is the first LTC Home in LHIN 12 (North Simcoe Muskoka) to receive this achievement.

First launched in 2003, the goal of the BPSO program is to partner with the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) and enhance the quality of care for residents in LTC homes.  Together they facilitate a culture of evidence-based practice through the implementation and dissemination of the RNAO best practice guidelines (BPG) by staff in these homes.

This is what our Three Year Journey looked like for Grove Park Home; what was required of us, and what we delivered.

BPSO Deliverables

Engage in a 3-year partnership with RNAO – this is reviewed and renewed annually.

Yearly contract signed by the Paul Taylor, Executive Director

Implementation of 3 RNAO BPGs

BPGs selected included Person and Family Centered Care, Prevention of Falls and Fall Injury in Older Adults, and Oral Health.

Engage a critical mass of 15% of nursing staff as RNAO Best Practice Champions

Successfully trained 23% of all nursing staff to be Best Practice Champions. These staff attended a one-day session designed to introduce them to evidence-based practice and implementation of BPGs.

Submit a proposal to participate in the RNAO Advanced Clinical Practice Fellowship Program (ACPF)

Worked alongside Dr David Thompson to complete our ACPF entitled, ‘Developing and Empowering Leadership among Front Line Staff. As a result, practices changes promoting staff leadership were put into place.

Establish a BPSO infrastructure including a steering committee within the organization

Steering Committee included:

Michelle Magill, DOC – Senior Nurse Lead

Karen Mills, ADOC

Allison Raymond, RPN – BPSO Liaison

Cally McNeice, RPN – Falls Team Lead

Charmaine Andreasen, RN – Person and Family Centered Care Team Lead

Rebekah Garland, RN – Oral Health Team Lead

Submit one manuscript for publication, preferably peer-reviewed

Completion of our manuscript, ‘Committed to Caring: A New Approach to Falls Prevention in Older Adults’ was accepted for publication in Perspectives, the Journal of Canadian Gerontological Nursing Association. This article described the successful implementation of the Falls BPG and the practice changes that were made as a result.

Share learnings, materials developed and achievements with the wider health care community

Presented at the 10th annual End Falls this Fall conference in Orillia.  The presentation entitled, ‘Out of the Box Thinking: A New Approach to Fall Prevention in the Elderly’, allowed us to share our implementation of the Prevention of Fall guidelines, statistical data collected before and after implementation and some challenges, we overcame along the way. 

What this means today

This BPSO designation means that Grove Park Home has successfully implemented evidence-based practice changes centred on our residents and the care being delivered.  Some of these practices in the home include; resident, family and staff “wishing wells” being placed on each unit, welcome baskets being placed in the rooms of all new admissions, personalized 4P positioning programs for fall prevention, oral health care plans in the bathrooms, and door knockers placed on the doors to remind staff to knock before entering. These guidelines have helped to contribute to a healthier work environment for our staff and promote and support quality care for our residents and their families.

Grove Park Home’s commitment to ensuring the sustainability of the program includes continued staff education and training, frequent updates, and opportunities for staff to share their ideas and give their input.  The focus for the future is sustaining our current BPG’s, as well as selecting and implementing new ones routinely.

Our “commitment to care” is strengthened with this new designation. Made possible by our talented and passionate staff, and with the greatest benefit to the residents in our care.

Allison Raymond, RPN

BPSO Liaison