We all know champions. In our families, in our jobs and in the community there are those among us who are champions of their cause, whatever that might be. Some champion hunger, poverty or homelessness agencies. Others champion children’s causes or illness campaigns and fundraisers. And some act as champions for those in their care. That happens at Grove Park Home. A lot.

Recognized as a Best Practice Spotlight Organization (but you knew that, right), Champions walk along our halls every single day. They champion their programs including Falls Prevention, Wound Care, and Person & Family Centered Care. The have self claimed “Super Powers” doing what they do, for the residents in our care. Just as important, being a BPSO Home (the only one in the county), these Champions help set standards for the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario. Therefore, their Super Powers extend across the province!

Recently one of these Champions celebrated a milestone in her education and we wanted to share this with you. Our Wound Care lead is Allison Raymond and this is certainly her Super Power. While already offering education and training to our staff, she has upped her own credentials with the following:

Allison has successfully completed the Wound Management for Health Professionals Level 1 and 2 courses through the University of Victoria, British Columbia! These 3 month long courses centered on the development of clinical skills and knowledge of working with advanced-practice wound care as well as factors including co-morbid conditions, psycho-social issues and resource considerations. She recently attended the on-campus workshops  in Victoria where her skills were evaluated, including debridement, and she completed a presentation on a wound product that she researched.

Way to go Allison!

Look for more Champion Stories coming soon to this blog.