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What Our Donors Can Expect

When we ask our staff what they need to care for our residents, we must be prepared for a long conversation. There are “must haves” and “would be really nice to have” items on this list.  At Grove Park Home, we promise you a respectful honest conversation about our needs and will provide you with a list of quoted projects. Meeting every budget and area of interest, this list is created annually.

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As a Leadership Team, we create an Capital Needs list. Together  with input from front line staff and all departments, the exercise includes prioritizing needs and obtaining quotes. When you are ready to make a specified donation, we are ready with a current list of needs that addresses every budget and every area of interest.

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Grove Park Home is a trusted charity that has been serving our community since 1968. Donors know that all unspecified donations will support the residents in our care. Supporters understand that we will use these donations for our most urgent needs. These donations could include Pledges and In Memoriam donations.

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Tax receipts are processed in timely manner and The Care Connection newsletter shares stories about what we have done with your donations. Donors for specific projects will receive a statement including project summary and financial accounting. We will ensure we are transparent with the spending our your generous gift.

Typical Activities at Grove Park

Recognition is a personal choice that is discussed during the support process. A plaque on a wall, a donor appreciation event or perhaps a story in one of our newsletters, the choice is yours. Whether we shout from the mountains about you, or whisper in our board room, our heartfelt thanks will be the same.






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