With grateful hearts we tell you that, today, April 24th, the Home has no confirmed cases of COVID-19 among our resident or staff population. Our hearts and strength are being poured out to two homes in Barrie, each with a case within staff. This is, literally, too close to home. So the vault remains closed tighter than ever, with a strong push from everyone who works here.

That being said, it is so very important that it is life as usual for our treasured residents. With so many missing family and friends, we double up our effort at keeping things fun, while constantly upping efforts to encourage social distancing. But let’s be honest; long term “care” does not truly have the luxury of social distancing. Bathing is not distant. Transferring is not distant. Feeding is not distant. A gentle hand on a shoulder is not distant. We are humans living together in this home and we will make the best of this hand.

So what’s happening to keep things normal? For a lot of you at home, we hear that pajamas are now day wear. So we took to the theme to the halls and had PJ Day at Grove. Staff and residents alike took part in the ultimate dress-down day. This simple change of pace added lightness to the day.

While a leisurely PJ Day is tons of fun, we also make sure we get some exercise throughout the day. What better way to move than to get dancing and stretching. With no visitors, everyone in the building is now on Team Entertainment, and we turn to music and ipads to have some fun.


And let’s not forget that we need to exercise our brains! We do some social distance game playing every day on every unit. The groups are smaller, but the games are funner (wait, that makes sense, right?)

We also have to take a moment to be grateful. On the next blog we will stop to say thank you. So many beautiful thoughts come our way via donations, free staff meals, coffee and treat days, product donations (so grateful to a family who gifted us with PPEs), headbands for masks, and so much more. This HUGE thank you will be a blog unto itself.

In the meantime, for lots more photos and stories, please follow our Facebook page. Like and share our posts. Go to Canada Helps  if you want to make a donation to our COVID-19 fund. Send cards and letter even if you don’t know someone who lives here. These bits of treasure are held onto for days and bring so much joy.

From our Home; be well and take care of each other