Today is Sunday May 3 and we are grateful to say that we have no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our resident or staff population. Grateful is actually the theme of this entire blog today.

Amid the fear, the unknown, the daily changes of practice and policy, the anxiety, the temperature taking and hallway meals, there is good hiding everywhere. This is what we must remember and for which we give thanks.

NUMBER ONE: we are so very thankful for our staff. These are the true superheroes who could have run, could have stayed away, could have crumbled. Instead, inside this vault is a family of individuals who have become closer, stronger, kinder, more compassionate and patient. We care more for each other and don’t ever question those above noted policy and practice changes. We are all here for the greater good; for those treasures inside this vault. Not sure who the Rock Fairy is, but these little joys found on unattended desks are a lovely reminder that we all care.

Then there is the thanks to the “makers” the masks, the headbands, the 3D shields and plastic mask holders. Even the makers who make new stuff: Dillon’s and Redline are making hand sanitizer and to them we say “cheers”

To our families: WOW.  Thank you for keeping the Keurig station filled with coffee pods. For special treats tucked into mask bags. For pizza and chocolate covered fruit. Food feeds the soul and brings such joy to our days. For cash donations via our Canada Helps COVID-19 fund, this will help with so much in the days, weeks, months to come. To all of you, please know that we are taking care of your loved ones in the most unique ways; smaller group activities, finally getting outside, lots of Skype calls and letter reading, and distanced dining that has created some great social interactions in the hallways.

Thank you to the community for crazy thoughtful things like a trailer loan (for just in case someone can’t go home), for the beautiful meals from Gratitude Delivered, for loaning us food racks, and buying us TV trays for distanced dining. The Lion’s Club brings McCafe coffee and treats for each and every staff member in the building. Even KOOL FM delivered some fun with radios for staff. We are humbled by each and every gift.


We also want to thank the fun-makers. If you have not seen it, please do click here to see our version of We Are 1 World. Barrie Colts’ Jim Payetta reached out to ask us to take some pics, then he turned them into this beautiful video for us. Smiles everywhere – you just can’t always tell behind the mask, but they are there.

In closing, thanks for reading this. There are more grateful moments to bring forward, but as noted, there are days, weeks, months ahead for us to share our gratitude. Thanks for LIKING and SHARING our social efforts. Thanks for your kind and encouraging words.

Remember: stay home for us so we can take care of them. 

Always #closethevault

The Team at Grove