Today is Sunday May 24th and we remain grateful to say that we are still COVID-19 free in our resident and staff population. The week of May 11th, we were all finally swabbed by the team from RVH and Public Health. This two day process left us on pins and needles awaiting results, which took much longer than expected. While most results came in within 72 hours, there were some lingering swabs. We were not able to declare our home “free” until this past Wednesday. The most positive word of the week was “negative”. For the not so squeamish, here is a pic of this author getting swabbed. I akin this to the  sensation of horse radish that is a bit too hot. You know, that slight burn and watery eyes feeling? However, over in a matter of a few seconds and completely worth the moment of discomfort.

In other news, we turned to the sky to capture our lovely treasures outside enjoying some fresh air, sunshine, and warm weather. The amazing team in Life Enrichment “signed us up” with sidewalk chalk and posters of love and hello! Residents who were willing and able donned hats and sweaters and got to wave posters and hands as the drone worked its way around our home. Honestly, this is worth 13 minutes of your time. Huge thank you to the donated services from Sean Lucas of Lucas Production Arts. He made us look pretty darned good! Check it out here:

Next up, a window visit at Mulberry Lane. This family enjoyed the lovely weather and a visit with Eileen from our Retirement Living suites. With cell phone in hand, and their own chairs to settle in for a long visit, these gentlemen know how to do it right!

Next week we will feature our growing gardens and buzzing bees and other highlights of the week. Until then, we remain diligent. Masks and eye shields all the time. Screening TWICE a day for staff and residents alike. Extra cleaning and endless hand sanitizing. Practicing extra precautions while at home in order to CLOSE THE VAULT.

Thanks for all the encouraging words, and the LIKES and LOVES and SHARES on our social pages.

The Team at Grove