Wrapping up the third full month of “this”, we are a home free of any confirmed cases of “that”. Staff and resident swabbing has taken place, with plans for more staff swabbing coming in the next week. Not a pleasant experience, but one that is over in the blink of a (watering) eye.

Moving on…..Check out the beautiful Shirley and Katie modelling our new dining tables. We acquired 14 of these Canadian made tables via donations received in December when we appealed for support for these tables. The $18,000 project now sees some residents dining with their tables positioned correctly and respectfully for a much more pleasurable dining experience. Each table has four adjustable sections that go up/down in/out to suit those who dine in wheelchairs. These gifts also benefit staff, and eventually volunteers, with assisted feeding because we no longer struggle with four fixed table legs. The reviews are 10+++++

Outside we are grateful for warm weather. Bees are buzzing around our hives and the gardens are growing everywhere. The Vegetable Garden is actually ready to be harvested of lettuces and herbs and residents can now go outside to assist with watering and food gathering. On the patios and in the courtyards, planter boxes and pots are being filled with flowers and tomato plants, providing sights and bites for residents while they enjoy the great outdoors. Of special note, we must thank a resident from our own Mulberry Lane Retirement Suites for cleaning/weeding/sorting of the center courtyard. This fine gentleman stepped up to the task and did an incredible job, while enjoying work that he did in his own home. Hats off to you Sir, and the team that your gathered along the way.

Warm weather had the BBQ covers taken off and the grills fired up. We treated staff to a simple and socially distanced hot dog bbq on Wednesday. This basic bbq made us feel so normal, if that makes sense. Travis and his team fired up the grills again on Thursday for a resident meal of barbecued burgers. More grilled goods will be planned in the coming days/weeks/months. Hooray for nice weather!

If you are reading this, and you are so inclined, please consider putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboards) and send in cards and letters to residents and staff. We have said this before, but we can’t say it enough; residents truly love getting that card or letter that is hand delivered to them. Drop these off at the front door or put a stamp on the envelope and drop it in a mailbox. We’ll take it from there!

It’s Seniors’ Month!  This year’s theme is stay safe, stay in touch. It is a time when we recognize the contributions that older adults have made in communities across our province. Given current circumstances, we are focusing on engaging and bringing together seniors virtually, rather than in person. This June, we encourage communities across Ontario to demonstrate safe and innovative ways to celebrate the positive impact that older adults have on our lives. So back to the previous paragraph – stay in touch. Whether you know a resident here at Grove or not, take a moment to say thank you for their contributions to this great community.

Thanks for all the likes/shares/comments and for being cheerleaders of Grove. We need and appreciate your positive comments and support more than you know. Be well everyone.

The Team at Grove.