Hello Families and Volunteers. We miss you!! Our lobby and our halls are sure quiet without you. Not to fear, we are making lots of noise to make up for your absence. Despite the turmoil created by COVID-19, we are all doing our very best here in the Home. The most important thing we can tell you right now is that we are all doing well. There are no confirmed or presumed cases in our resident population.

From a resident activity perspective, we continue to offer programs on individual home areas. It is vitally important here that we offer continuity of daily activities. Our super-hero staff try to keep it “life as normal” so as not to create anxiety among residents. We have directed staff to turn off 24hr news channels as much as possible. Too much is just…..too much.

Our staff are AMAZING. We are diligent in our Active Screening Processes and have manned desks in our lobby and staff clock-in areas. Everyone is extremely cooperative and positive.

The Leadership Team is engaged in conference calls with AdvantAGE Ontario, our member agency that advocates on behalf of Long Term Care Homes. The support of this agency has been incredible as they act as our liaison to government offices like the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Long Term Care. This is our trusted source of daily information. Post-call, we continue this meeting to adopt procedures to meet the needs of our staff and residents.

We have adopted a phrase: CLOSE THE VAULT. We err on the side of caution on all decisions to keep our precious population safe.

Please continue to call your loved one. Arrange a SKYPE or FACETIME call with our Life Enrichment Staff. You can email a letter to and we will ensure it gets given to, or read to, your loved one. Mail or drop off (between the front doors) cards or letters.. Note that we are holding all mail and deliveries for three days before distribution. If it turns out that this was a bit extreme, no apologies here. The VAULT IS CLOSED.

These are unprecedented times that surely cause stress in your lives. Please rest well, knowing that we got this! While you are absent, trust that your loved ones are in the very best hands, and that magical moments are happening on every home area.

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