Meet Shangqiann Gao and Zhuo Liu. Both with a Masters Degree in Nursing, they visited our Home as guests of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario’s newest international Best Practice Spotlight Organization and will be staying until September 2nd after arriving on July 21st. Their first few days were spent at RNAO’s home office in Toronto learning about the Best Practice Guideline program as well as the Best Practice Spotlight Organisation Designation process. The remainder of their time has been planned to visit BPSO LTCHs and other BPSO organizations across different health care sectors either already designated or in different stages of designation to learn about the process. Their main objective was to learn about how the RNAO Best Practice Guidelines have been implemented into the organizations, how the homes have used the guidelines in their work and the positive impact they have made on resident care and staff workload.

Grove Park Home kindly accepted to host the delegates after a request was sent out by Valerie Grdisa, RN, MS, PhD Director, International Affairs & Best Practice Guidelines Centre to showcase the exceptional work that they have done thus far in their Best Practice Spotlight work using the Best Practice Guidelines. 

BPSO Chinese Delegates 

Shown in this photo are Grove Park Home Champions and our visiting guests.


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