These Days at Grove 10

Father’s Day and Family Visits and Distanced Dining and all things COVID-19!  With bi-weekly testing of all staff, we are now in a revolving schedule of testing one week and waiting for results the next week. But let’s get positive here, or should we say NEGATIVE! We are grateful to say that all test results have been negative to date. HUGE thanks to our very own Danie and Karen who administer these tests and  help us keep “that” out of our Home.

Nice PPE Matchy Matchy Cindy!

The New Normal

A new normal has emerged here at Grove. Less meetings and more activities. Smaller groups but more technology that keeps us connected. On that note, a sincere thank you to the Seventh Day Adventist Church for the generous donation of 7 Samsung Tablets so we can make more resident and family connections.


Hugs from 2m

Family outdoor visits began last week. ICYMI, here is a pic of Donald and Viola seeing each other for the first time in 14 weeks. It was a very emotional mother and son connection.  If you are familiar with our property, you can appreciate that we have four family visiting areas set up; two in the Maple Garden, one in the Pine Garden and one just off the receiving area. Safety first, and lots of visitor guidelines (including a negative test result from the visitor) but we are truly enjoying the smiles from residents and families alike.

If this does not say love…..

If that gave you a vote of confidence, can we ask for a vote of support? The Barrie Advance is running its Readers Choice Awards and we have been nominated in the Best Nursing Home/Long Term Care Centre. You can vote here until July 26th and you can vote as often as you like!

Not All Super Heroes Wear Capes

Our staff remain heroes. While the new normal has settled in, no one is letting their guard down. We continue to practice the basis of social distancing and hand washing (to name just a few) and make sacrifices by avoiding the ever-expanding bubbles of socialness. Besides non-stop coffee and some other treats, family and community donations allowed us to gift staff with personal sized hand sanitizers and hand creams, plus a small treat from a supplier. It may not seem like much, but these small gestures are part of our continued thank you for all they do.

Because we need it, more normal!  Birthdays abound and cake is eaten. Here we feature Lorna celebrating her 88th with a family provided cake. And we celebrated Mother’s Day and Father’s Day (see pics of our handsome Dads) and are gearing up for Canada Day. Watch our Facebook page next week for pics of a resident Ice Cream Sundae Day to celebrate JULY 1. Like we said, our new normal includes all the things we used to do, just with a few more rules and precautions thrown in to keep us on our toes.


And always

Thanks for the loves and likes and comments on our social pages. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts. The Vault is Closed. For now.

The Team at Grove